the Company

Al Fahad Company, is an Iraqi based Mine Removing Company, which was Established in 15/3/2011 in Anbar/ Iraq Area.

Vision Statement :

In the past, our beloved Iraq faced several wars and hardships, a thing that badly damaged its economical prosperity, trying to overcome such hardships puts us under huge pressures to openly promote and encourage investment and investors, from our deep loyalty and high hopes towards Iraq the idea for this company came forth as one of many tools we can provide to reassure local and international potential investors that their investments will be safe and the soil in which they will invest in will be mine free.

What We Do :

Our Scope of work goes beyond merely disposing of land-mines, we also have to face the social, economical, and environmental consequences of such hidden hazardous, by conduction seminars, workshops and awareness raising campaigns we hope to eradicate the dangers that lays hidden with the mines.

The Mine-full land of Al Rafidain

Within our beloved Iraq a total of more than 25 million Mines dangerously resides within an area of 1700 square KM ! An almost 1-1 ratio for every Iraqi citizen, and extravagant number of 55 million clustered bombs as well as more than 600,000 tons of rockets, bullets, and mortar grenades are scattered over 10232 areas throughout Iraq a thing that eventually caused the devastating total of more than 100 thousand individual having to live with an leg or arm amputation for the rest of their lives.

A map that identifies the mine-full and contaminated lands in Iraq

Based on the official statistics and reports provided by Satellite and the UN

The capabilities of Al Fahd company for mine removal

Considering the high level of efficiency which the company’s staff have and considering the high level of technology and equipment’s which Al-Fahd company Acquires, we will hence forth showcase our work capabilities which we can achieve and exceed in:

1) General Scanning operations for contaminated areas, especially the southern area district, which is considered the highest contaminated district in all of Iraq

2) Marking mine contaminated areas and unexploded grenades and highlighting them on maps and Charts

3) Cleansing un-exploded grenades and mine contaminated areas as well as war left overs, in a 100% guaranteed manual method

4) Cleansing forgotten and left over mine fields, specially within the southern and northern areas

5) Conducting cleansing and scanning operations in every kind of terrain and area.

6) Exploding war left overs, mines and unexploded grenades which are removed from contaminated lands in a technical and safe methods.

Corporate Social Responsibilities
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